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What Is It?

Glad you asked! Who Is? Is a game for you to find out who-knows-who in your relationship. It’s the perfect date night game for just the two of you or with groups of your favorite couples. Have fun learning more about your relationship, while challenging your knowledge of one another.

What's Inside: 180 Question Cards ▫ 10 Answer Cards ▫ Instruction Manual

Who Is? Is perfect for date nights, weddings, engagement parties, game nights, and more!

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What People Are Saying


I bought this for my girlfriend and I to play and we have had so much fun. It really promotes us thinking and asking questions to find out who we are together.


Me and my girlfriend were looking for new ideas for a date night. We tried other games but this was by far our favorite. Our friends love it too!


Great idea for a game night with our friends! We originally got it for just us, but when we played with other couples it became so funny! 


I gave this to my boyfriend as a Valentines gift, not knowing what he would think of it. He loves it, especially the more intimate cards which we had a lot of fun with!


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Play With Your Significant Other, or With A Group! 

Take your date night to the next level with Who Is? and explore a fun game for two that can bring you closer; Better still, Who Is? can also be played in a group to challenge other couples to see who knows their relationship the best; Our party game for adults is suitable for up to 12 players at a time and is sure to be hours of hilarious game night fun.

Group Playing Game | Who Is? Card Game

Perfect Gift For Relationships Of All Stages!

If you’re looking for couples gifts, valentines day gift, engagement party gifts or wedding gifts then this fun adult card game is the answer; Who Is? makes the perfect relationship gift or anniversary gift for couples who want to try something new for a date night. Our card games for couples can help bring you closer together 

Learn More About Your Relationship While Having Fun!

In a non-confrontational and fun way that avoids any awkward moments or short responses. Put aside the day-to-day thoughts and worries to focus on each other. The objective of this game for is for couples to answer as many right questions about your partner as possible; It’s one of the many great games for couples from The Couples Company to reveal new insights about your relationship and help improve communication all while having fun.

Couple Playing Game | Who Is? Card Game

High Quality For High Quality Relationships! 

Each deck of 180 adult card games features a beautiful and unique design; Our adult party games are printed on ultra heavy, 330 laminated card stock with a satin matte finish and are designed to withstand a lifetime of relationship gameplay; If you need a couples game that will hold up under any conditions, look no further than Who Is?

Satisfaction Guaranteed | Who Is? Card Game

 Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you don’t love the Who Is? couples card game, simply let us know what the issue is with your couple game and we’ll do whatever it takes to make things right; At The Couples Company, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and outstanding quality. 

Download Instructions HERE.

How To Play

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How to play

Your Friends Will Adore Who Is?

Couple Playing Game | Who Is? Card Game
Couple Playing Game | Who Is? Card Game
Group Playing Game | Who Is? Card Game

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